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Since 1980 Cramer Decker has designed, developed, and distributed products serving the medical, scuba diving, and compressed gas markets. Our philosophy has always been to develop safe, reliable, easy-to-use, ergonomic respiratory products which efficiently deliver oxygen or air to the user. It is our mission to increase the freedom of mobility for those using medical oxygen by providing practical solutions which compliment everyday life.

Cramer Decker maintains a comprehensive product line which can serve all the respiratory needs of the home care provider. Our extensive selection of


products consists of medical cylinders, valves, regulators, bags, carts, racks, transfilling equipment, conserving device technology, and accessories. We are extremely experienced in transfilling technology and we will work closely with you to determine the most economical and efficient method for satisfying your transfilling needs.

Cramer Decker now has two locations to better serve our customers. Located in southern California, our new corporate headquarters house over 50,000 square feet of inventory and office space. Our secondary shipping location in Baltimore, Maryland allows Cramer Decker to ship product anywhere in the US within 3 business days. Our new distribution network significantly decreases shipping costs and transit times, making Cramer Decker the most reliable and competitive comprehensive source for compressed gas products.

Please take a moment to explore our site or, give our friendly staff a call if you require further information. Have a great day.

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Cramer Decker Medical, Inc. is always seeking personable individuals who have well developed skills in sales, marketing, customer service, and product development.  We encourage you to submit your resume if you would like to be considered for any positions available at CDMI.  Thank you for your interest.

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