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  Resource v.2 Dual Lumen Pneumatic Conserver  

Resource v.2 Dual Lumen Pneumatic Conserver

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Due to FDA regulations, we are restricted from selling this product directly to consumers without a physician’s prescription. Please call us at 877.222.0200 to locate one of our dealers who can provide you with this product upon proof of prescription. We apologize for this inconvenience.
The RESOURCE v.2™is a highly effective pneumatic (No Batteries Required) oxygen conserving device designed exclusively for the ambulatory patient. The unit delivers the prescribed flow of oxygen with every breath, however only during the inspiration cycle, thus doubling (in most cases) the time available for use versus a traditional continuous flow system.

The unit's compact design and lack of electronics enables the system to be lightweight and very easy to use. The design incorporates an integral brass pressure regulator so no other pressure regulator is required. The unit is designed to be connected directly to a medical oxygen cylinder in order to deliver oxygen to the user.

The RESOURCE v.2™ pneumatic regulator automatically stops the flow of oxygen during the user's exhalation period. Once the user begins the inhalation cycle, the RESOURCE v.2 ™ allows oxygen to flow freely at the prescribed flow rate, similar to a standard oxygen regulator. A significant amount of oxygen is therefore conserved during the exhalation cycle. Ordinary continuous flow oxygen systems typically waste oxygen during this stage of the breathing cycle.

Various carrying cases and bags are available for the patient to choose to transport the unit.

Product Features:

• Pneumatic operation which requires no electronics or batteries.
• Compact and lightweight design weighing only 13.8 oz.
• Eleven flow settings ranging from 1 to 6.
• Durable brass and aluminum construction meets industry standards.
• Two delivery modes- Conserve and Continuous.
• Hours of use are more than doubled in the conservation mode.
Please contact us for more information about our line of Oxygen Conserving Devices

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