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  M4 Medical Oxygen Cylinder  

M4 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

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MSRP : $33.49
Part Number: M4 Cylinder- Various
Shipping Weight: 2.40 lbs.


  Just slightly larger than the M2, the M4 medical oxygen cylinder is a great solution for anyone who needs a convenient, easily transportable medical oxygen supply for a short amount of time. This cylinder weighs under 3 pounds and is only 12 inches in length. Using the RESOURCE v.2 pneumatic conserving device this cylinder can supply just under 5 hours of oxygen or just under 11 hours using the SOLO2 pneumatic conserving device. This cylinder comes standard with a CGA870 medical post valve but can be fitted with a toggle valve, a "Z" valve, a handtight valve ,a handtight and gauge valve, or a CGA540 valve. Select your choice below.

*All cylinders are shipped empty. We do not sell or ship filled oxygen cylinders.

Here's what other customers had to say about this product:
•  This is the perfect size cylinder for my use as a first responder. Thanks for the excellent product and fast shipment.
•  Easy order; Swift delivery. Pleased with product.

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