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  ML6 Medical Oxygen Cylinder  

ML6 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Quantity in Basket: none
MSRP : $40.95
Part Number: ML6 Cylinder- Various
Shipping Weight: 2.50 lbs.


  Similar to the M6 cylinder, the ML6 is a great balance between portability and oxygen supply duration. The ML6 cylinder is shorter than the M6 cylinder and weighs only 4 pounds. Using the RESOURCE v.2 pneumatic conserving device this cylinder can supply just under 8 hours of oxygen or just under 16 hours using the SOLO2 pneumatic conserving device. This cylinder can also be conveniently transported using the CD1005 backpack, the CD1002 shoulder bag, the CD1008 fanny bag, the CD1009 horizontal bag, the CART101-C cylinder cart, or the CD1020 oxygen sidekick. This cylinder comes standard with a CGA870 medical post valve but can be fitted with a toggle valve, a "Z" valve, a handtight valve ,a handtight and gauge valve, or a CGA540 valve. Select your choice above.

*All cylinders are shipped empty. We do not sell or ship filled oxygen cylinders.
Please contact us for more information about our line of Oxygen Cylinders

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