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  Hudson RCI™ TRACH-VENT®  


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Due to FDA regulations, we are restricted from selling this product directly to consumers without a physician’s prescription. Please call us at 877.222.0200 to locate one of our dealers who can provide you with this product upon proof of prescription. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Part # 41312 - TRACH-VENT+

The new TRACH-VENT+ is designed to provide the same comfort and humidification as the original TRACH-VENT. With added features to simplify trach care, for the spontaneously breathing patient.

* Weighs only 6.5 grams
* Includes convenient suction port that opens/closes automatically
* Integral oxygen port allows delivery of supplemental oxygen if needed
* Individually packaged 50 per case

Part # 41112 - TRACH-VENT®

The TRACH-VENT and accessory products, the TRACH-VENT Holder and OXY-VENT®, are designed specifically for trachestomized or intubated, spontaneously breathing patients.

The TRACH-VENT weighs only 4.0 grams and has a dead space of just 10mL. Recommended for tidal volumes of 50mL and above, TRACH-VENT can be used on both pediatric and adult patients.

* TRACH-VENT holder conveniently attaches TRACH-VENT to tracheostomy or endotracheal tube, allowing it to easily be removed and replaced during suctioning or change out
* OXY-VENT snaps over TRACH-VENT to allow delivery of supplemental oxygen
* Indiviually packaged 50 per case

Part # 41172 - TRACH-VENT Starter Kit

The TRACH-VENT Starter Kit provides a comprehensive system for respiratory therapy dischage planners to use in home care and long-term care applications. Each kit contains three TRACH-VENT Holder, and one OXY-VENT with tubing.

* Individually packaged 6 kits per case

Part # 45512 - OXY-VENT with Tubing

OXY-VENT allows for the delivery of supplemental oxygen when using the TRACH-VENT. The adaptor simply snaps over the TRACH-VENT and the tubing (included) attaches to the oxygen source.

* Individually packaged 10 per case

Part # 61112 - TRACH-VENT Holder

The TRACH-VENT Holder conveniently attaches the TRACH-VENT to the tracheotomy or endotracheal tube, so that the TRACH-VENT can be easily removed and replaced during suctioning or change-out.

* Individually packaged 30 per case

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